About the Club

About the Club

What we do in the Hadley R/C Club

  • The RC club meets every Tuesday after school, either in the LRC or a designated classroom.
  • We race R/C cars at Hadley on every other Sunday.  2018-2019 Schedule
  • Most importantly we help each other and have fun.

It is expected that all members of the club will abide by the RULES OF BEHAVIOR

Contract for New Members for purchasing the a club car for new members

Information Pack for New Members assembled by Gerry Holm, parent, webmaster and pit crew member

Joining the Club

There’s nothing special to join the club.  The club is open to students of all ages who attend school in District 41.  Within District 41, everyone pays $30 for any clubs or activities.  This fee covers any and all clubs and programs except athletics for the school year.  These fees do not go directly to the RC club, they are put into the school’s general fund.

Activity fees can either be cash or a check made out to the Hadley Jr. High and given to either Mr. Dorich or Mr. Bourke.  Regardless if you are a new or returning member of the club, these fees need to be paid and should be paid before the first race.

Buying your first car from the club

As a member of the Hadley R/C club, you are eligible to purchase your first car through the club at a discounted price.  For the 2018-2019 school year, the club is offering a Traxxas Slash short course truck for $50.  Normally this truck sells for about $200.  This car will require some additional equipment in order to race.

Things you have to do if you buy a car from the club.  If the student does not follow #6 & 7 below, the car must be returned to the club and your money will not be refunded.

  1. The student and parent must sign the contract.  This contract can be picked up at one of the club meetings.
  2. Pay car fee along with your activity fee if applicable.  If paying by check make the check payable to Hadley RC Club for the car and Hadley Jr High for the activity fee.
  3. You may need to purchase additional equipment.  For more information, see the Car Classes tab.
  4. Set aside time to become familar with the basic operation your car (practice, but do so under control).
  5. Read and follow the directions and club rules of behavior
  6. You must attend at least half of the club meetings
  7. You must attend more than eight of the Sunday races
  8. Stay and help clean up after the races on Sunday.

Additional Equipment

Depending on what car you receive you will need to purchase some additional equipment.  More information about each item can be found by following the links below.  See the top of the page for suggestions on where to buy.

Before coming to the races, make sure you label your radio, batteries, etc.  Many people use the same parts.

Equipment Traxxas Slash
Radio/Receiver 2.4GHz radio is included
Batteries Will need to purchase, see classes for rules.  The included battery won’t last long enough for our races.
Battery Charger Will need to purchase.  The included charger is fairly useless
Body Paint Comes pre-painted
Additional items Optional but recommended