Feb 12, 2019 Newsletter

Feb 12, 2019 Newsletter

The New Traxxas Bandits Hit the Track

The RC Club resumed its racing team program with Traxxas Bandit buggies. There a four teams with a Crew Chief three drivers and adult helper. All the buggies are the same. The team names come from the color of the Bandit’s bumpers. The teams receive one point for each lap and 5 bonus points if they don’t break any parts. In Round 1 the Black Team was the top team with 20 laps in 5:04.67. It was followed by the Green Team, Blue Team and Red Team. In Round 2 the Blue Team, driver drove a great race and score 22 laps in 5:14.30. The Black Team, Green and Red team followed. In the Main The Black Team was on top with 20 laps in 5:04.30. It was followed by the Blue Team, Green Team and Red Team. The Red Team members are Clarence, Nathan, and Brock. The Crew Chief is Mathew W. The Black team is led Crew Chief Ryan. The drivers are Eric, Henry, and Rohail. The Blue Team is made of drivers Brayden, Alex, and Matteo. The Crew Chief is Mathew T. The Green Team is led by Crew Chief Benjamin and the drivers are Husayn, Jordan, and Michael.

We had great racing in our other classes. In the Short Course Truck Class the class was packed and there were spectacular crashes. In Round 1 Mathew T. got the win with 19 laps in 5:08.23. Husayn, Ryan, Clarence, Jordan, Mathew W., Matteo, Alex and Rohail followed him. In Round 2 Mathew W. was on top with a great run of 21 laps in 5:11.51. Ryan, Clarence, Alex, Matteo, Rohail, and Jordan followed him. In the Main Mathew W., was the repeat winner with 20 laps in 5;02.36. Clarence was a close second. They were followed by Ryan, Husayn, Alex, Mathew T Rohail, Jordan and Matteo.

In the Slash Class there was exciting racing and close finishes. In Heat 1 of Round 1 Mathew T. earned the top spot with19 laps in  5:08.96. Rohail, Ryan, Husayn, Henry and Mathew W. followed him. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Eric drove a great race for the win with 20 laps in 5:11.72. Alex, Clarence, Benjamin, Jordan and Matteo followed him. In Heat 1 of Round 2 Mathew W. drove exceptionally well to earn the win 23 laps in 5:08.31. Henry, Ryan, and Rohail followed him. In the Heat 2 of Round 2 Eric continued his winning ways with 20 laps in 5:05.95. Alex, Clarence Benjamin, Jordan, and Matteo followed. In the “B” Main Husayn drove a great race for the victory with 20 laps in 5:10.46. This victory bumped him into the “A” Main. In the “A” Main Mathew W. drove an excellent race to get the win with 23 laps in 5:04.46. Husayn was second, Ryan third, Eric was fourth, Henry was fifth, and Alex was sixth.

We had great racing in the Off Road Class with Mathew W. being the dominant driver. Eric, Husayn and Alex performed well.

Thank You

Thank you to our volunteer “Pit Crew” and parents for helping out. Thank you to Hobbytown USA in St. Charles with their help when we purchased the Traxxas Bandits. Thanks to our club members for the excellent job setting up the track and rolling up the carpet. We had great leadership from our officers, Matt W., Ryan and Mathew T. Thanks to the Hadley custodians for their usual great job. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for their support.

The Jim Bourke Invitational

On April 5th, 6th and 7th the RC Club will hold it’s annual fundraising race and raffle.

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