Jan 16, 2018 Newsletter

Jan 16, 2018 Newsletter

Great Racing

The Hadley RC Club had a great day of racing Sunday, Jan. 14. This was our first point’s race for our team drivers in the Stock Touring and Buggy Classes. In the Stock Touring Class Mathew W. did a great job driving all the races for his team with the other members absent. He scored 61 points for his team while driving some excellent races. Nikolaus and Jason did a very good job for the Blue Team scoring 39 points. The RC buggies fly over the jumps and almost float in the air. In the Team Buggy battles Mathew White again showed his driving skills driving for the Blue Team wining the second round and scoring 67 points. His teammate was absent. Nikolaus is the Crew Chief for the Green Team and with his drivers absent Nikolas did a great job scoring 65 points. The Purple Team did very well. Jason and Michael M. scored 57 points for their team. The Red team did well despite electrical problems. Mathew T. and Will scored 47 points for their team. Dylan won the Main in the Buggy Class.

In the Optimus Prime Class the competition was close. Mathew W. won the first round, Nathan won the second round and Mathew won the Main over Nathan by three seconds. Jason and Nikolaus also drove well.

In the Traxxas Slash Class Mathew W. dominated the first two rounds and Mathew T. won the Main with Will in second. Jason drove very well and Michael M. was very good.

The SCT (Short Course Truck) Class Dylan was the dominant driver winning the first two rounds and the Main easily out pacing his opponents. Jason did very well as did Nikolaus, Mathew W., Ryan, and Mathew T. Dylan also won the off road truck class and Mathew W. drove well in the VTA class.


 Thanks to the Hadley custodians and office for all of their help. They do a great job for the club and the school. Thanks to our parents for their help and support. Thanks to our adult “Pit Crew” who do so much to help our racers. Thanks to Mr. Bourke and get well soon.

Our next race January 28.

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