Jan 30, 2018 Newsletter

Jan 30, 2018 Newsletter

Exciting Racing

On Sunday, Jan. 28 the RC Club hosted another day of exciting racing. In the Euro Truck or Optimus Prime Class the competition was exciting and close. Nathan Tsai was the winner of Round 1 finishing a lap ahead of the field.  In Round 2 Mathew W. rolled over the opposition with a two-lap victor with a T.Q. of 18 laps in 5:11.58. In the Main Mathew smoked the field with a great run of 19 laps in 5:08.82. Nikolaus  was second, Jason was third and Nathan was fourth.

In the Slash Class the completion was close and at times rough. In Round 1 George ran away from the field with the victory. In Round 2 Mathew W. ran the T.Q. mark of 19 laps in 5:14.64 for a win. In the Main the battle for the top spot was exciting. Austin edged out Mathew W. for the win with 19 laps in 5:00.23. Mathew W. was second with 19 laps in 5:01.51. Jason was third, Ryan was fourth, George was fifth, Adam was sixth, Carlos was seventh, Michael S. was eighth, Michael M. was ninth, and Mathew T. was tenth.

There was slam-bam action in the SCT (Short Course Truck) class with many hard fought battles. Dylan came out hot in Round 1 destroying the field with a three-lap victory and T.Q. with 21 laps in 5:35.03. In Round 2 Dylan kept his truck on cruise control for the victory letting his opponents crash their way to slower finishes.

In the Main Dylan completed the hat trick with his third victory. Jason was second, George was third, Mathew T. was fourth, Carlos was fifth, Ryan was sixth and Mathew W. was seventh.

In the Team Touring Car competition the Silver Team easily out pointed the Blue Team who had broken parts, which kept them out of the races at times.

In the Team Buggy Competition there were some exciting races and beautiful jumps. In Round 1 he top team was the Purple Team. In Round 2 the Red Team was the highest finishing team. In the Main the Green Team was the top team, The Red Team was second, and the Blue Team third. The Purple Team was unable to start the race.

Mathew W. was the winner of the Off Road Truck Class and Dylan was the over all winner of the Off Road Buggy Class.


Thanks to Ryan for coming in extra early to help setup. Thanks to our students doing a very good job setting up the track and cleaning up. Thanks to the club members who provided extra help putting away the carpet. Thanks to our racers parents for their help. Thanks to our volunteer “Pit Crew” for the time they spend helping our students. Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff and office staff for their help.

Our next race is Feb. 11.


Thank you, Mr. Bourke, for everything you did for us.

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