Oct 23, 2018 Newsletter

Oct 23, 2018 Newsletter

Exciting Racing

On Sunday, Oct. 21 the RC Club held its first points race of the school year. There were slam-bam crashes, broken parts and trucks limping to the finish. In the 4-Tec 2.0 Class Mathew W. scored victories in the qualifying heats and the Main. Ryan was a close second in all three races. Mathew T., Benjamin and Michael did well.

In the Rookie Slash Class the racers showed their improving skills. In the Rookie Slash Class Group 1, Heat 1, Round 1 Nathan scored the win with 13 laps in 5:03.93. He was followed by Rohail, Jordon, Clarence, Benjamin, and Henry. In Group 1, Heat 2 Husayn ran away from the field with 15 laps in 5:19.72. He was followed by Hunter and Alex. In Round 2, Group 1, Heat 1 Nathan racked up is second victory with laps in 5:18.49. Clarence, Rohail, Jordan, Henry, and Benjamin closely followed him. In Round 2, Group 1, Heat 2 Hunter drove very well to earn the top spot with 15 laps in 5:24.67. Alex and Husayn followed him. In the Mains the racing was more exciting with some exciting crashes. In the “B” Main Clarence edged out Rohail for the win and advanced to the “A” Main. They were followed by Benjamin, Jordan and Henry. In the “A” Main the lead changed hands throughout the race. Consistent driving and fewer mistakes gave a close victory Nathan who squeaked by Hunter for the top spot. Alex, Husayn, and Clarence followed them.

In SCT (Short Course Truck) Class Mathew. drove for the wins in the Heats 1 and 2. He was closely followed by Ryan, and Mathew T. Mathew W. continued his winning ways in the Main edging out Ryan.

In the Slash Class Mathew W. earned the victory in the heats over Ryan and Mathew T. In the Main the result was unsure for much of the race. Mathew T. had wheel problems, Ryan had problems with the battery, and Mathew W.’s front suspension was breaking down. At times there were no trucks running. Mathew W. limp to the victory over Ryan while Mathew T. didn’t finish.

In Round 1, Group 2, Heat 1 of the Rookie Slash Class Nathan edged out Clarence for the victory; they were followed by Benjamin, Rohail, Jordan,  and Henry. In Round 1, Group 2, Heat 2 of the Rookie Slash Class Husayn lapped the field for the win. Hunter barely edged out Alex for second place by seventh tenths of a second. In Round 2, Group 2, Heat 1 Nathan continued his winning ways for first place. He was followed by Jordan, Rohail, Clarence, Henry, and Benjamin. In Round 2, Group 2, Heat 2 Husayn chalked up another victory followed by Hunter and Alex. In a closely contested race Rohail squeaked by Alex for the “B” Main win and a bump up to the “A” Main. Jordan, Henry, and Benjamin followed them. The “A” Main was marred by frequent crashes and rollovers. Husayn and Nathan dueled for the top spot. They traded positions throughout the race. Nathan earned the victory over Husayn by eight seconds. Clarence, Rohail and Hunter followed them.

We also had great racing in our Off Road Truck Class.

Special mention goes to Henry who drove all his races with a cast on his left arm without complaint.


Thanks to all of our parents who pitched in to help. Thanks to our volunteer “Pit Crew” who help our racers. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for their help and support. Thanks to our Hadley custodians for their usual great job!

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